Young Leader on a Mission

Young Leaders on a Mission

You are a talent with ambitions bigger than just making money. You have a desire to develop yourself and your leadership skills.  'Young Leaders on a Mission' is the leadership development program you need.

4 x  24 hours boot camp

You have 90,000 hours of working life ahead of you. Give yourself the gift of spending those 90,000 hours on something that makes sense to you.

Invest in yourself. Spend 4 weekends in a row, from Friday 5pm to Saturday 5pm, along with like-minded ambitious talents to develop yourself and your leadership skills.

The goal is to move you from talent to CXO graduate. This is done by putting your untapped potential into play, where your behavior, attitude and habits are challenged.

Become focused and create results

Your outcome of the Young Leader on a Mission program is a strong plan of action that will take you from being a talent to becoming a CXO candidate.

This means that you will be strong on your purpose and your goal, so you know what drives you, and where you are heading.

You will become clear on your self-image, aware of your attitude and behavior.

Your communication skills will improve, allowing you to empower your team and increase productivity, prioritizing high-payoff activities.

You participate because you know, as a leader, its important to:

    • Act proactive and show initiative - demonstrate a desire to do more than what your job description includes.
    • Adapt (fast and well) to changes - demonstrate that you adapt to changes without resistance.
    • Ask for help - you do not know the answer to every question.
    • Be ambitious - you consistently plan for the future and challenge your comfort zone.
    • Be confident in your abilities - be confident in yourself so that others may also be confident in you as well.
    • Be humble - confident in your abilities without showing off.
    • Become highly engaged with your work - demonstrate a higher level of engagement.
    • Embrace lifelong learning - leaders view learning as a continuous journey.
    • Focus on high payoff activities  - resources are used to complete tasks successfully without compromising your work quality.
    • Have a positive attitude - maintain a positive attitude, as it improves morale and ensures team members feel calm at work
    • Improved communication skills - understand when to listen to others and how to select the right words to say to best articulate your message.
    • Motivat0e others to achieve success - praise your peers when deserved, avoid taking credit for others' work and enjoy seeing others succeed.
    • Own your responsibilities - do not view anyone else as responsible for your tasks
    • Prioritize the success of the organization, and your team - prioritize business goals over personal goals
    • See failure as an opportunity – it’s a learning opportunity and a way to improve your skills.
    • Stay focused - remain focused during your entire workday.
    • Understand your limits – delegate, avoid try to complete every task yourself
    • Work well with others - work well with others throughout all levels of the organization.

Next boot camp for Young Leaders on a Mission:

The next boot camp for 'Young Leaders on a Mission' starts on February 4, 2022, starting at 5 pm (4/2 -5/2, 11/2 - 12/2, 18/2 - 19/2, and 25/2 - 26/2).

Sign up for the Bootcamp in February and get a discount.

Normal price: DKK 54,995 ex. vat.
Price for February Bootcamp
DKK 42,995 ex. vat.

This includes food and accommodation.

In case of a lockdown, the boot camp will be converted into individual 1:1 sessions with small group sessions.